Event partnership Proposals – how to submit for partnerships

Arts Events at Arts Centre Hastings are supported and promoted by the Arts Centre Hastings Committee. This sub-committee of the Centre Hastings Park Committee consists of community members interested in a community supported arts centre. The committee manages, hosts, and promotes community arts events at the venue and partners with performers, musicians and artists to bring a wide range of programming to the community of Centre Hastings. Persons wishing to utilize the Arts centre for a community arts event are initially encouraged to submit a proposal to the arts centre committee. The committee can work in partnership with applicants to support and promote the event and determine a fee schedule on a case by case basis.

Centre Hastings Park is now Tobacco-Free. The Tobacco-Free Park protects non-smokers from environmental tobacco smoke. Passive smoking can lead to serious illnesses in adults such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Children can also develop chest illnesses and asthma from exposure to tobacco smoke. The move to go tobacco-free, including no smoking, snuffing, dipping, or chewing tobacco, upholds the Park Committee’s mission to create a healthy family and community friendly environment.