Arts Events at Arts Centre Hastings are supported and promoted by the Arts Centre Hastings Committee.

This sub-committee of the Centre Hastings Park Committee consists of community members interested in a community supported arts centre. The committee manages, hosts, and promotes community arts events at the venue and partners with performers, musicians and artists to bring a wide range of programming to the community of Centre Hastings. Persons wishing to utilize the Arts centre for a community arts event are initially encouraged to submit a proposal to the arts centre committee. The committee can work in partnership with applicants to support and promote the event and determine a fee schedule on a case by case basis.

Highlights of the venue include:

•    Bamboo earth sprung floor – perfect for dancing.
•    High cathedral ceilings.
•    Corporate meeting tables.
•    Event / banquet tables.
•    Portable, soft chairs.
•    Soft ambient lighting.
•    Dressing room/green room.
•    Surround sound system, HD projector, and massive movie screen.
•    Indoor and outdoor stage.
•    Great acoustics.
•    P.A. System Including: two microphones, mixer, two auxiliary speakers, cables, and powered mixer.
•    Programmable indoor & outdoor lighting.
•    Multi-purpose stage raisers that can be used for workshops, or green room screens etc.
•    Accessible building with free parking, both on and off site.
•    Indoor – Comfortably seats 80 people.
•    Outdoor stage – 350 outdoors.

More sustainable building information at: www.chrismagwood.ca

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